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Joseph and Chaim (Hyman) Lisker ship manifest, lines 17 and 18. For page two of the ship manifest, which reports who paid for their passage and where they were going, please click here.

Documents such as passenger lists, birth, marriage, and death certificates can often provide information about a family's origins. The two eldest Lisker sons, Joseph and Hyman, were the first of the family to emigrate to the USA in 1911. Their ship manifest is at left. Also available:

Ship manifest, Jechiel Lisker and family, 1921, page 1, lines 21-24.

Ship manifest, Jechiel Lisker and family, 1921, page 2, lines 21-24.

Dora Lisker death certificate, Chicago, 1940. Note maiden name is reported to be "Riskener" while family report it as "Lissinger".

Jechiel Lisker death certificate, Chicago, 1943.

Nachum Bleichman death certificate, Chicago, 1928.

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