Lisker History: Part Two
Newman, Harry, Minnie

Younger siblings Newman, Harry and Minnie Lisker, 1910 in Proskurov

Hyman and Sonia in Proskurov in 1911, a typical engagement portrait of the era.

Sonia Bleichman's siblings about 1913: Esther, Beatrice, Ruth, Sonia, Elsa, Fania and the only boy, Bernard. This photo was probably taken just before Sonia's crossing to America. The rest came to the USA in the 1920s along with their parents, Rabbi Nachum Bleichman and Frieda Frankel Bleichman. Click photo to enlarge.

Joseph Lisker met Fannie (who emigrated to the USA in 1913) and they were married around 1916, about the time this photo was taken. Joseph's part of the picture-frame business led him to Irvington, New Jersey. It was here that Joseph registered for the draft during WWI. Later that same year the couple's first son was born. He was Milton in the census records but Manny to the family. In 1919 a daughter, Evelyn, was born.

Sonia arrived in 1913 and she and Hyman were married in 1915. Their son Bernard was born in 1916 and a daughter Jean (later Jeanne) followed. One priority was to continue to bring over family members to the USA. From 1921 through 1927 there was a steady stream of Liskers and Bleichmans all heading to Chicago. By 1930 Hyman's family was sharing a duplex on Grenshaw Street with Sonia's younger sister Ruth, her husband Meyer Hirst and family. Hyman's parents lived a little further up Grenshaw Street.

Minnie Lisker (seen at right in 1922) had married Abe Chazin in Proskurov. She and Abe were on their way to America when their first child's imminent arrival required a stop in Poland, where Clara was born. They completed their trip once they could travel and settled on Grenshaw Street. Later Abe changed the family surname to Chasen. A son, Milton, was born in Chicago.

Harry Lisker married Anne in 1927 and in a break with tradition lived just off Grenshaw Street on adjacent Karlow Avenue. Harry was a furrier. He and Anne had two daughters, Iris and Sandy.

The two youngest Liskers were sons Newman and Louis who lived with their parents Dora and Ike. Newman married Bessie during the 1930s; they had no children. Louis, also known as Leo or Leon, married Esther (pictured above at Shabbat dinner in the late 1930s); their daughters were Adelle and Shirley.

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