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Four generations of Liskers: Grandfather Perry at left, great-grandfather Bernie (seated) holding new baby boy Kiran, and proud dad Kane at right. Click photo to enlarge.

Are you a Lisker?

Family names such as Lisker, Bleichman, Frankel, Lisenker/Lissinger, and Rubenstein appear in our family heritage. Do you have similar names in your background? Please explore the links to the left to see whether we have family conections.

These families originally came from Zinkov and Proskurov in Ukraine and settled in Chicago, Illinois in the early twentieth century.

If you have any family photos, memoirs or documents you'd like to share, please contact the webmaster and we'll make them a part of the Lisker website.

Many thanks to Jeanne Lisker Bellman and Constance Norton for organizing and scanning family photos and for family history details.

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