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Hyman Lisker, wife Sonia, baby son Bernard, 1917. Click the photo to enlarge the picture.

There are a number of resources, online and in libraries, to help you with your own personal genealogical searches. Click any of the links below.

Ellis Island

Some of our ancestors came through Ellis Island when emigrating to the USA (Chaim Lisker, for example). Ellis Island records, beginning from 1892, are now online and images of ship manifests are available. 

Castle Garden

Castle Garden was the processing center for New York immigrants prior to Ellis Island. They now have records from 1830 through 1913, overlapping occasionally with Ellis Island's era. Searches and detailed reports are free, though advanced searches require a fee. 


This site is a must for anyone beginning the search for Jewish ancestors. Resources are plentiful. There's even a mailing list that brings you regular letters from others researching their family trees, with lots of useful tips, translation services, etc.

Cyndi's List of Jewish links

Cyndi's regular site has comprehensive links to all categories of genealogy. Her links for Jewish genealogy are first-rate.

Please let us know if there are any other resources you need.

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